A gamechanger makes something happen that “changes the game” for the better.
What a great way for the community to partner with teachers, students and campuses!
Meet the GameChangers.
The number of years the individual or group has adopted are in parentheses.

Griffon & Griffon (4 years)
Mustang Association (4 years)
Manning Grandkids (4 years)
Tony & Zoe Buzbee (4 years)

Texas First Bank (4 years)
The Hillenburg Family (4 years)
The Hansen Family (3 years)
The Jankowski Family (3 years)
FHS Choir Booster Club

  • Ted & Shelby Davis (2 years)
    Century Club (4 years)
    Larry & Edwina Vidosh (3 years)
    Paul & Jill Sellers
    Matt and Pam Robinson (4 years)
    Henry and Kathyrn Thompson (3 years)
    McRee Ford Molly Crow
    Dr. Randy & Selena Ellis (3 years)
    Larry Dyke
    Friendswood Frame and Gallery

  • Elaine & Tommy Ebner (3 years)
    Janique Carbone (2 years)
    Alton Todd (2 years)
    Pete and Sharmyn Dever (4 years)
    Alan and Beth Stanfield (2 years)
    Don and Debi Frieden (4 years)
    The Steve Kelly Family
    The Barta Family (2 years)
    Kim Martinez Mize
    Chris & Brandi Sellers (2 years)

  • Leslie and Boyd Yarbough (1 years)
    Andy and Christi Landry
    Jarrod and Jeanie Hodson
    Michael Hamilton (2 years)
    The Klump Family (4 years)
    Steve and Paige Ridout (4years)
    Kenny Koncaba
    Sam Ditta
    Jeff and Kim Girouard (2 years)
    Nicole and Gary Pitts
    The Margret Ballard Family
    Tommy and Sherry Green (4 years)
    The Ehram Family
    Dr. David and Kim Montz Family (3 years)
    John and Nona Landers (2 years)
    David and Betty Randal
    Andrew Yee and Katherine Ideno (3 years)
    Lael and Nancy Lockhart (2 years)
    Thad and Tracy Collins (4 years)
    Jeff and Barbara Rhyne
    Carissa Waida (2 years)
    Katie Winslade
    Leslie Reinert (3 years)
    Carmie Brown (2 years)
    Chris Hahn (2 years)
    Randy Stine (2 years)
    Tanna Bennett
    Judith Lillie
    Tim and Susy Donovan (2 years)

  • Bank of Friendswood
    Milana Ramkisson
    Daniel and Darleen Gage
    Larry and Ann Moore (2 years)
    The Redding Family
    TJ and Anna Slaton (2 years)
    Cynthia Flanagan
    Texas New Mexico Power
    Matt and Kelly Lovell (3 years)
    Kevin and Linda Hubbard
    Jim and Claire Dudley
    Steve and Jean Tubbs
    Ralph and Lynn Hobratschk (2 years)
    James Finklea (2 years)
    Jay and Kathryn Jenkins
    Tony and Sheri Hopkins (2 years)
    Mike and Janet Wegner
    Calvin and Pat Powitski
    Jack and Cheree Click
    Tom and Lesley DiBello (3 years)
    Bruce and Trish Hanks (3 years)
    Doug and Lori Wrinkle
    Jacqueline Nelson Family
    Shane Heslin (2 years)
    Melissa Kness
    CiCi Newkirk
    Rodney and Valerie Harris
    Imelda Simon

  • John Keith Family
    Dennis and Sheri Barber (2 years)
    The Barton Family
    Allan Ramussen (2 years)
    Andrew Chalk and Lisa Camp (2 years)
    Steve Rockey
    Joe and Karolyn Gephart (3 years)
    Terry and Cathy Vaughn
    Landon and Maley Margaret
    Heather Carroll (2 years)
    Luis and Denise Ruiz (2 years)
    Brandon Velek
    Monica Magee
    Owen and Andrea DeLuca (2 years)
    Mike Shaw
    BP Fabric of America
    Sally Branson
    Steve Buffington – Class and Nexen
    Pat Roberson
    Robert and Liz McCabe (2 years)
    Jonathan and Ginger Woodruff
    Shaun and Lee Revere
    Julie Sowa
    Thu Tran (2 years)
    Donald and Brenda Treadwell
    Steve and Kimberly Floyd
    Mike McDonald
    J. Mingarelli: Partners Building West Ranch