Century Club

The Century Club has been instituted by the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors as a donor recognition program to help the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation Endowment Fund. The membership fee is $10,000 and may be paid as a full cash donation or equal installments over a consecutive four year period. After the four year anniversary a yearly donation of $1,000 is required to remain as a standing member.


Sharmyn & Pete Dever*

Lesley & Tom DiBello*

Susan & Charles Kelly*

Kathryn & Todd Kinloch*

Leah & Kenneth Direkly, M.D.

Ben & Julie Sims

Rhonda & Blaise Guzzetta

Kaci & Harris Hanson

Elaine & Walter Manning*

Brandi & Chris Sellers*

Alan & Beth Stanfield*

Janet & Mike Wegner*

Deena & Hitesh Patel, M.D.

Sally & Jon Branson

Jim Peterson

*Founding Members