“Reality Augmented” 3D Scanner


As we try to bridge the gap between the world of today and the world of future generations, I want students to consider how technology might “bridge the gap between what we as humans can do spatially and with what our computers can do spatially.” I have introduced students to engineering as problem-solving using Science & Math with a little Art mixed in. I have begun teaching them to digitally design and 3D print. With this tool, they can capture objects or even spaces around them. Imagine capturing room dimensions, making a digital 3D model, and then challenging them to redesign it. They will also be able to scan objects or people and save the file. They might 3D scan a hand, and then design a prosthesis for a handicapped child. What solutions will the next child create?
Structure Sensor adds precise 3D vision to mobile devices, giving it a new way of “understanding” the world around it. This enables a growing set of advanced capabilities like 3D scanning, indoor mapping, and mixed reality experiences. Structure Sensor in the classroom stimulates the minds of young learners and makes digital 3D files easy to capture.

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