Projecting Into The Future!


This mini-projector would allow us to bring up images on our cellular devices and project them onto any surface. It is transportable and small which makes it easy to go into any setting that needs us to project an image on it. Our department is constantly being asked to enlarge images onto various surfaces to paint for our district, teachers, and community. This is an amazing projector! The built-in LEDs have an operating life of approximately 20,000 hours and enable the projector to power on and off quickly. Its 70-minute battery will allow you to project nearly anywhere. It also has an onboard HDMI port, microSD slot, and USB reader for added convenience. The built-in Android OS and dual-core processor will allow us to download apps to the projector's 8GB of storage. The P700 Pro includes a tabletop tripod, VGA and A/V cable adapters, and a remote control.

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