Level Up With Code Combat


Gamer Club got its start last year, and since its beginning we have seen a large response from our kids. In Gamer Club, students get the opportunity to learn about the elements that come together to create the video games they love. Using computer science concepts, students are given the opportunity to code their own video game creations. Next year we would like to continue this fun new trend with a new program, Code Combat. Using Code Combat, our Gamer Club members will play through dungeons, battle orcs, and level up heroes, all while learning complex coding languages such as Python, HTML and JavaScript. After completing the self-paced and adaptive dungeon crawls, students will be armed with all of the skills that they need to then create their own games. As they progress through Code Combat, they will have the opportunity to create a unique game with its own URL, that can then be shared with the world! Research shows that one year's worth of exposure to Code Combat is the equivalent of 80% of the Stanford Computer science program's first year. To continue Gamer Club, we will need this program. See the attached video to learn why the students love Gamer Club so much and find out how they feel being a member will inform their future careers.

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