iPads on the march!


The iPads have multiple uses in and outside of the classroom and marching field. We can use them as metronomes, cameras, recording devices, displaying marching rehearsals/performances, tuning apps, etc. With the help of third party apps, this iPad will allow students to correct what marching technique looks like and through video analysis compare it to their own bodies. This technique is very similar to analyzing a person's golf swing. Many times students don't realize they are doing something incorrectly until they actually see it. I can also have the students record and submit practice tests and playing tests for the teacher to evaluate at a later time. Recording apps will allow students to actually see what their sound looks like when it starts, sustains and ends.
We can also use the iPad as a portable, electronic version of their marching drill and marching band music to reference with indoor or outdoor rehearsals. When outdoors, the instructor can access music, marching drill, metronome apps, tuning apps and the Charms student database which has vital student information. It also allows the instructor to access their grade book and attendance login at any given moment, while in the rehearsal room.

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