Classroom Community for Future Educators


“Environment shapes experience, and that's no less true in the classroom.” -Mary Ellen Flannery
In order to create a classroom environment that promotes community and collaboration the correct seating is required. I am asking for movable tables and chairs that will give the students options on how they wish to collaborate within my classroom. As the teacher of the Ready, Set, Teach program as well as the Principles in Education course, I feel it is very important for our students, who want to be future educators to learn how to brainstorm and listen to others and their ideas. They need to learn how to build and create a classroom community as well as learn the importance of collaboration in a school setting and collaborative seating does just this. As the picture shows there are many different options for collaborative groupings with these tables. This will allow students to have choice in how they work with others.
Giving students a choice in their learning as well as providing them with the opportunity to collaborate and learn from their peers is a classroom environment that will be conducive to producing successful future educators…and this is what our world needs!

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