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Building Physics and Chemistry


This grant package includes a variety of lab equipment pieces to setup the new IPC course at the Junior High.
The flaming vapor ramp is a great visual of the importance of lab safety and wearing lab safety equipment. It shows the students that the vapors produced by some liquids are just as flammable as the liquids.
The digital thermometers will allow students to take accurate temperature measurements during labs that temperature is a variable.
The test tube brushes, pitchers, mortar and pestle, scoops, and test tube clamps are valuable tools necessary for chemistry lab investigations. The students will use these tools in lab groups where they will identify physical and chemical changes and properties of substances and identify the heat curve of water.
The litmus paper will be used in the first step of identifying if a substance is an acid or a base. Students will then use pH paper to identify the quantitative pH then finally calculate pH.
The density box is a very useful contraption. The box is designed to hold hot water on one side, and cold water on the other side. When the divider plate is removed, you can observe the water's movement because of a change in density due to heat (convection). This also will tie in with 8th grade curriculum with convection in the air and in the asthenosphere as well. The tank without the center barrier can be used with out existing density cubes so that ou can see that some cubes sink while others float in water due to their density.
Lastly, a glass disposal bin is included to clean up in accidents while using glassware in the lab.

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