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Advances in Healthcare—3D printer and filament


The Health Science team is always looking for new and innovative ways to take their program to the next level and a 3D printer is the perfect way to do it. Today, there are so many advances in healthcare such as 3D organ transplants and 3D printed pills. With the 3D printer the students in the health science program/course can create their own inventions that one day might become reality. The possibilities are endless with this piece of machinery. We currently have a Project Lead the Way curriculum which includes courses such as Principles of Biomedical Science, Medical Innovations and Medical Interventions. With the 3D printer students will be able to design, develop and print models of organs, prosthetics, etc. Currently, there are approximately 350 students enrolled in the health science courses/sequence. Over time all 350 students will be able to utilize this piece of equipment.

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